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grapefruit confiture
point reyes blue cheese

white anchovies
chili pepper flatbread, olive puree and parsley

marinated olives
with garlic, citrus, and pepperoncini

buffalo mozzarella
bell pepper hash, spearmint oil

italian meats
changing daily

halibut crudo
progressive flavors, marinated in yuzu, chili pepper
and olive oil with grapefruit and marcona almonds $9

lightly fried, served with basil aioli, sweet chili sauce,
lemon caper aioli $10

perfect potato gnocchi with aged gorgonzola, speck ham $9

fried taleggio cheese
green olive-mustard “marmellata” $9

fresh day boat scallops seared with mango,
arugula puree, prosciutto, warm lemon vinaigrette $12

simply steamed in a spicy white wine-garlic broth $10

caesar salad
with crisp romaine lettuces and parmigiano-reggiano cheese $7
/ with white anchovies $9

bibb lettuces
humboldt fog goat cheese, california dates, green apple vinaigrette $7

with braised meatballs, tomato sauce and pecorino cheese $14

papardelle bolognese
housemade papardelle pasta with sauce bolognese, grana padano cheese $15

lamb fun
olive-citrus braised lamb with 'calamari pasta', walnut, arugula, and mint pestos $16

sweet maine shrimp
with perfect potato gnocchi, tomatoes, and porcini mushroom aria $18

virginia striped bass
seared with spring mushrooms, celery root-parmigiano puree,
meyer lemon foam $22

olive-lime crusted with fava bean ravioli, citrus-horseradish sauce $21

with english peas, sweet white corn, cucumber and
grapefruit-smoked paprika verjus $24

the maryland way with jumbo lump and backfin crab, grilled asparagus, smoked tomato, citrus and mustard citronette $26

free range chicken
pan roasted with kumquat-artichoke caponata $18

pork loin wrapped in pancetta with sage potato puree, “pear candy”, caciocavallo cheese, and black grape-truffle reduction $21

beef sirloin
harris ranch beef marinated and grilled with parmigiana-truffle fries, salsa verde $24