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African Hunter
Internet Advertising

African Hunter Magazine Online (AHMO), in accordance with our mission statement, is most interested in providing service to the worldwide hunting community. Of course, this includes both clients and service providers. Our revolutionary online advertising is based on the 'Best of the new and the tried and true.'

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Actual size hitbox.
Click to see Sample Display Ad.

To accommodate AHMO readers, there is one ad spot per page (in most cases) appearing in the left navigation column under the links. Advertisements are constrained in size and designed to be understood at a glance. The resulting ad is a 'hitbox' which either links directly to the advertiser's web site or to a more traditional display ad (as you would see in African Hunter magazine) which may in turn offer a link to an advertiser's site. Display ads only appear if the reader clicks on the hitbox. Where multiple ads are booked for a page, the ads rotate every 10-15 seconds.

Care is taken to place ads on pages with relevant content (ie: Rifle ads on firearms and cartridges pages as opposed to What's in the Pot pages). Without a doubt, this is the best way to present service and product businesses as resources to AHMO readers instead of fly-in-your-eye advertising which typically has little or no relevance to page content. This is also the best way for businesses to direct advertising to a targeted audience already interested in a subject related to the business's products or services.

How hitbox appears on page.
Above: How the hitbox appears on the page.

Advertising prices are based on pageviews for the page on which your ad appears. Pageviews indicate the actual number of times a page was viewed in its entirety, unlike 'hits' which counts the number of pages, images and all elements on a page each time it is viewed (some companies deliberately use excessive graphics to increase page hits).

Advertising Options
1. Hitbox with Hyperlink - Your hitbox links directly to your web site.
2. Hitbox with Display Ad - Your hitbox opens a new window with a magazine-style display ad. The display ad includes your contact information and advertising message.
3. Hitbox with Hyperlinked Display Ad - As 2 but the ad also links to your website.

Block Level Pricing
We have found that rotating ads on a page attract attention better than static ads. To accommodate ad rotation we have set the same price for groups of pages (blocks). You may select a single page on which your ad will appear or move your ad to another page within the same block (up to once per month) without incurring additional fees. To have your ad appear on multiple pages, you must purchase the ad placement for each page. See Current Pricing.

Ordering Ad Placement
1. Review the site contents and select a page (or pages) which best fits a product or service you offer. The more relevant the content of the web page to the advertisement, the more likely AHMO readers are to appreciate and respond to your ad.
2. Contact Alan Bunn. Alan and I (Steve Hiraoka) will help you place your ad in the most appropriate spot to give you the highest return for your investment.
3. Compose your ad as per our specifications or provide us with materials to compose the ad for you. Hitboxes are composed for you as part of our service if desired. Ads scanned from magazines or other printed material cost a nominal $15 USD. Ads we compose for you from scratch cost $60 USD.

Traffic to the African Hunter website increases each month which drives the cost of advertising up. Booking in advance secures the current rate for the time you book. There is no limit to the time you can book in advance. There is a minimum booking of $60 USD. From time-to-time we may offer specials or advise advertisers on upcoming changes which may be of particular benefit.

Pricing Adjustment
You will never pay more than the price agreed upon even if pageviews for your block increase. If the pageviews for your block drops considerably, we will offer extended advertising with prorated prices or alternative advertising.

Using the African Hunter Site as Your Storefront
We can create a page for your products and services and sell them directly from the African Hunter site. We will handle all store setup, ecommerce solutions, merchant accounts and cover the cost of credit card processing for a percentage of sales generated directly from the site (20% is standard). The commission is taken off the top and a check is cut for you periodically. You are responsible for order fulfillment.

Ad Composition Requirements

  1. Hitbox:
    • Width = 110 pixels.
    • Height = 177 pixels (some flexibility on height).
  2. Display:
    • Width = 450 pixels maximum.
    • Height = 360 pixels maximum.
  3. Final File Type Can Be:
    • jpg
    • gif
    • swf
Composition Rates
  1. Hitbox: FREE
  2. Display: $60 all sizes.
  3. Advertiser supplies completed file (jpg, gif or swf): FREE
  4. Advertiser supplies tear sheet* (to scan): $30 USD.
  5. Product listing in ecommerce store: FREE.
    *AH not responsible for loss, damage or return of materials.

Alan Bunn
Phone: (+706)-276-2608
FAX: (+706)-276-2606
Use Form Mail
Steve Hiraoka
Phone/FAX: (+678)-766-1787
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African Hunter Internet Advertising
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