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Internet Advertising Rates
  • Page: Click on page name to go to page
  • per Month: Monthly rate in USD.
  • Min. Book: The minimum number of months an advertiser can book (ads can be rotated once per month within same block at no additional charge).
  • Annual: Cost per year.
Block Level One: $30.00 USD per Month
Page per Month Min. Book Annual
Firearms: FN/SLR Rifle$30.002 Months$360.00
Firearms Category Index
Classic Cartridges Category Index

Block Level Two: $20.00 USD per Month
Page per Month Min. Book Annual
Firearms: Return of the 4-Bore part 2$20.003 Months$240.00
Hunting Category Index
Classic Cartridges: .375 H and H Magnum

Block Level Three: $15.00 USD per Month
Page per Month Min. Book Annual
Classic Cartridges: .303 British$15.004 Months$180.00
Hunting: Elephant part 1
Classic Cartridges: 450/400 Nitro Express
The Way it Was: Dream Shot - One Shot
Firearms: .375 on Elephant
Firearms: Return of the 4-Bore part 1

Block Level Four: $10.00 USD per Month
Page per Month Min. Book Annual
Fact Files Category Index$10.006 Months$120.00
Firearms: It's All in the Claw
Firearms: Stopping Power Revisited
Hunting: Elephant Part 3
Firearms: Solids vs Monometals - Which is Best?
Hunting: Elephant part 2
Hunting: Lion Part 2
The Way it Was Category Index
Firearms: .35 Whelan in Zimbabwe
Hunting Overview
Fact Files: Gemsbok
Around the Campfire Category Index
Classic Cartridges: .450 Nitro - Haley
In the Pot Category Index
Hunting: The Bulawayo Boys
Classic Cartridges: 65. X 45 Mannlicher-Schoenauer
Hunting: Learn When to Shoot, Shit or Go Blind
Fact Files: Elephant

Block Level Five: $5.00 USD per Month
Page per Month Min. Book Annual
Hunting: Lion part 1$5.0012 Months$60.00
The Way it Was: Lioness
Fact Files: Puku
Hunting: Gamebirds part 1
Fact Files: Sitatunga
Hunting: Gamebirds part 2
This n That: Solo Safari (book review)
Fact Files: Chobe National Park
The Way it Was: Ivory - Gold / Hunter's Rainbow
In the Pot: Elephant Ragout
The Way it Was: Hunter's Do it on a Sunday
Fact Files: Python
Fact Files: Victoria Falls
Around the Camp Fire: Ethics vs Big Bucks
Hunting: In Defence of Baiting Cats
In the Pot: Duck Pate
In the Pot: Dindini Quail

Advertising Options
1. Hitbox with Hyperlink - Your hitbox links directly to your web site.
2. Hitbox with Display Ad - Your hitbox opens a new window with a magazine-style display ad. The display ad includes your contact information and advertising message.
3. Hitbox with Hyperlinked Display Ad - As #2 but the ad also links to your website.
Ordering Ad Placement
1. Review the site contents and select a page (or pages) which best fits a product or service you offer. The more relevant the content of the web page to the advertisement, the more likely AHMO readers are to appreciate and respond to your ad.
2. Contact Alan Bunn. Alan and I (Steve Hiraoka) will help you place your ad in the most appropriate spot to give you the highest return for your investment.
3. Compose your ad as per our specifications or provide us with materials to compose the ad for you. Hitboxes are composed for you as part of our service if desired. Ads scanned from magazines or other printed material cost a nominal $15 USD. Ads we compose for you from scratch cost $60 USD.

Traffic to the African Hunter website increases each month which drives the cost of advertising up. Booking in advance secures the current rate for the time you book. There is no limit to the time you can book in advance. From time-to-time we may offer specials or advise advertisers on upcoming changes which may be of particular benefit.

Pricing Adjustment
You will NEVER pay more than the price agreed upon even if pageviews for your block increase. If the pageviews for your block drops considerably, we will offer extended advertising with prorated prices.

Using the African Hunter Site as Your Storefront
We can create a page for your products and services and sell them directly from the African Hunter site. We will handle all store setup, ecommerce solutions, merchant accounts and cover the cost of credit card processing for a percentage of sales generated directly from the site (10% - 20% is standard). The commission is taken off the top and a check is cut for you periodically. You are responsible for order fulfillment.

Ad Composition Requirements

  1. Hitbox:
    • Width = 110 pixels.
    • Height = 177 pixels (some flexibility on height).
  2. Display:
    • Width = 450 pixels maximum.
    • Height = 360 pixels maximum.
  3. Final File Type Can Be:
    • jpg
    • gif
    • swf
Composition Rates
  1. Hitbox: FREE
  2. Display: $60 all sizes.
  3. Advertiser supplies completed file (jpg, gif or swf): FREE
  4. Advertiser supplies tear sheet* (to scan): $30 USD.
  5. Product listing in ecommerce store: FREE.
    *AH not responsible for loss, damage or return of materials.

Alan Bunn
Phone: (+706)-276-2608
FAX: (+706)-276-2606
Use Form Mail
Steve Hiraoka
Phone/FAX: (+678)-766-1787
Use Form Mail

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