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Southern African or
Rock Python
Python sebae natalensis

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Adults are typically 15-20 feet long, but may reach up to 30 feet. The Herpetological Association of Zimbabwe was formed for people with an interest in snakes and other reptiles, and their conservation. If you are interested in becoming a member, give us a ring on Harare 335336 or drop us a line giving your name, address and contact telephone number and send it to: 6 Alice Lane, Avondale, Harare.


Central and Southern Africa.


Occur near water in grassland and savannah and light open woodland.


Wild dogs and hyenas, but pythons are not vulnerable unless they have recently eaten a large meal, which slows them down.


Mammals, lizards, fish and birds, depending on the size of the snake. Large pythons can eat wild pigs, monkeys and antelope.


Females lay a clutch of 20-60 eggs, which they guard throughout the 80-90 day incubation period.

African Hunter Vol.5 No.1 February 1999
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