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Shot Placement
Pocket Field Guide
Can you imagine how practical it would be to discuss shot placement with your PH (or your client, for that matter) over a schematic like the one above? This pocket edition shot placement includes 16 of the most popular dangerous and field game, record stats for Rowland Ward and SCI, average height and weight for both male and female, minimum and recommended calibres and hunting notes for each species on one two-page spread. Just open the book to the species, and all the data is right there! .More
You might be a big game hunter if tracking a wounded dagga boy in the papyrus swamps of Mozambique is considered fun. ~ T. Keller
Hunting Practice: Tracking
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Most of the articles in hunting magazines I read are more concerned with rifles, bullets, shot placements and the like, with little practical advice or tips on the main subject - hunting. The Concise Oxford Dictionary gives a definition of the word ‘hunt’ as “Pursue wild animals especially foxes, (well it is an English Dictionary!) chase for food or sport”. .More

The .458 Watts / .458 Lott
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To all intents and purposes the .450 Watts and .458 Lott are the same cartridge, and originated in the early 1950’s in the USA. Essentially, the .450 Watts is a .375 case blown out to accept a .458 diameter bullet. This gives a slightly tapered case of approximately 2.85" length. Original loading data developed by the noted gunsmith, P.O. Ackley, lists the .450 Watts as driving a 500 grain bullet at 2500fps. .More

Red Hartebeest

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The Cape or Red hartebeest is found in Namibia, Botswana, the Cape and Gauteng provinces of South Africa. In north Africa several subspecies occur. Pronounced differences in coloration, horn shape and size can cause considerable confusion in identification. The red hartebeest stands at an average height of between 120 and 140cm and has an average weight of approximately 140kg. It is a tall, elegant antelope. .More

On Target by Christian Le Noel
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Le Noel’s command and clear descriptive use of English only partly makes On Target worth reading - not all professional hunters, no matter how impressive their anecdotes, are necessarily good writers, but Le Noel is. There is nothing worse than a good story poorly told, but no danger of that in On Target - the reader is vividly taken into Central Africa which feels familiar because of the historical background provided by the author. Give me a little history in any story - it only serves to enhance. .More

You might be a big game hunter if you can stand up to the charge of a wounded Buff, and not need a laundry service afterwards. ~ Phyllis Jones

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