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This Land of Ours
As I sit quietly attempting to marshal my thoughts, I am disturbed by the degree of difficulty as my concentration wavers, it tends to wander through a labyrinth of memories. I am besieged by a lifetime of pleasant recollections and as I reflect on the years that have passed, I realised how fortunate we are to have been born, and to have lived in this very land of ours - Zimbabwe.

Dream shot - One Shot
Lynn “Doc” Greenlee’s Jeffery’s .450/.400 double rifle was 100 years old last April 6 (1999). In it’s century of existence the rifle has, no doubt, been privy to some grand adventures. Memories of long ago hunts - with good shots and bad - are surely imbedded in the wood fibres of the gun’s stock.

Hunters Do it on a Sunday
Game Rangers receive requests from all quarters to “deal with a rogue hippo”, “sort out crop-raiding elephants”, “please come urgently - lions killing cattle”.

Ivory - The End of the Hunter's Rainbow
“Big Tusker!” The words that have meant so much to so many, from the earliest huntsmen collecting ivory for the ancient eastern dynasties, to the twentieth century sportsmen. Words that stir the imagination and the adrenalin of the hunter on safari.

The lioness was in pain. She moaned. There had been no food for over a week now. The water she had drunk at the waterhole where the baboon yelled and screamed at her from the big trees had helped but something was wrong with her back legs.

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