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Chobe National Park
~Covering an area of roughly 11 700km2, the Chobe National Park was established as a protected Game Reserve in 1939. It was only in 1968, however, that it gained its present National Park status.~

Elephants at Chobe National Park

The Park encompasses a wide variety of habitat including, riverine forests, flood-plains, perennial marshland, mopane and miombo woodland. Because of this it is home to a diverse collection of wildlife ranging from hippo, crocodile, elephant, buffalo, giraffe, zebra and eland to lion, leopard, cheetah, and both the spotted and brown hyena.

The park is best explored by four-wheel-drive vehicles although most of the roads along the Chobe river front can be traversed by an ordinary car.

The three principle wildlife areas are river from, stretching from Kasane through Serondella, where there is a public campsite, to Ngoma Bridge, the headwaters of the Ngwezumba river with its mixture of woodlands, pan and grasslands centered on Noghatsau and Tjinga Pans, and finally, Savute and Mabane.

For visitors, the most accessible part of the Chobe National Park is the river front., the entrance to which is just a few kilometres from Kasane.

The river roads offer excellent wildlife viewing and spectacular scenery. Best times for game drives are early morning and late afternoon after 3 pm. In the evenings during winter, vast numbers of elephant come down to drink at the river.

The Chobe river is best known for its prolific bird life. There are over 400 different species in the Chobe National Park ranging from eagles, kingfishers, marabou stalks to bee-eaters. The most well-known of the Parks bird species are fisheagles, who regularly follow boats waiting for fish to be thrown out to them.

The Chobe is an anglers paradise. There are over 91 species of fish found along the water ways of the park. Of these the most commonly sought after by sport anglers include the tigerfish, nembwe as well as the other prolific largemouth bream species.

Compiled from “The Botswana Tourism Directory”

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African Hunter Vol.5 No.6 December 1999
  .Home .Fact Files .Chobe National Park
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