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Dindini Quail
Calamity Jane

Bar Snacks

8Quails dressed (split along the back, spatchcock style)
4 generous tbsHoisson sauce
1/4 cupdark soya sauce
1 tbsoil
6-8 clovesgarlic (crushed)
2.5cmof peeled and grated fresh ginger
4fresh chillies (seeded & diced)

  1. Place birds on baking tray and brush the marinade on underneath or top - leave to marinate (2 hours minimum).
  2. Brush more marinade on birds before baking in a hot oven, can grill over a fire or in a barbeque.
  3. If baking in an oven, skin side facing down, place foil over the top - add a little water to stop the marinade from burning & bake for 35-40 minutes.
  4. If grilling or barbequeing, place birds breast facing down towards the coals for 25-30 minutes turning for the last 10-15 minutes.
The Best Test is in the Eating
Bon Appetite!
You might be a big game hunter if you are hunting something larger than car you drive :) ~ Albert

African Hunter Vol.5 No.3 June 1999
  .Home .What's In the Pot? .Dindini Quail
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